10 Day Shred!

NAAM-day-10Were you hoping I had a 10 day shred for you? No chance. I am so tired of these quick fixes. They are simply contributing to the dieting mentality.

What if people just stopped focussing on these quick fixes and simply committed to the principles that will work over time.

  1. Eat Clean
  2. Move Daily
  3. Sleep and reduce stress
  4. Hydrate
  5. Avoid processed fake foods
  6. Supplement with whole food Non GMO supplements

I know it’s not glamorous it doesn’t sound like fun but imagine if you committed and you started to not only achieve results but knew they would last a life time.  What if you fell in love with the process, fell in love with the feeling of feeling good?

Look I’m not saying doing a week cleanse where you really get focussed is bad, or join an exercise challenge to give you a jump start.  What’s bad is the mentality behind so many of these shreds and the processes they put you through.

It also doesn’t mean that quick results can’t happen. They can! Do the 6 steps above and track them daily and you will get quick results but you’re getting them from being kind to yourself. You’re getting them from treating your body well, not from depriving yourself or taking things that are simply more chemicals.

Commit. You’ve got this! Falling love with feeling good. 

Health & Happiness


Rosa Coelho
Rosa Coelho






PS To take the same supplements I do go here: www.roco.juiceplus.com Change the country code to your country. They are simply food concentrates with clinical research behind them. I take the fruit, veg and berries.  They’ve been around for 26+ years. It made sense to me to supplement with food rather than vitamins that are isolated, after all if we’re supplementing because we feel there’s a gap in our nutrition then it’s nutrition we should supplement with. You can order from anyone but I for sure get a commission when you order from me