RosaProfileHi and welcome to my blog, my hope is that you will read something here that will trigger something in you to either solidify your health journey or help you get started.

I believe life is a journey and success looks very different to each person, not one path works for all however there are a few principles in health that do apply to everyone.  Eating as clean as possible, staying hydrated, greatly reducing stress, a connection to others and nature and a need to feel valued, just to name a few.

I have been a health coach for 9 years and have loved every minute of it. Seeing the effect I have on peoples lives for me is the greatest reward.  I believe when we take something we know and teach someone else we become even stronger in our own journey.  As a result I encourage you to take what you learn and pay it forward, teach and guide others to also become healthier.

So who am I.  My name is Rosa Coelho and I live in Vancouver, Canada.  I moved back home after 11 years in London UK, where I started my career as a school teacher. I taught children ages 5-11 for 7 years and that experience profoundly changed me, it was an incredibly rewarding time.  I left teaching to pursue my love of health and prevention in 2006, I still see my self as a teacher only now the subject I teach is the subject I love.  I have always worked hard in life but I have also been blessed with good people around me and incredible opportunities.  As a trainer I had the opportunity to travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to train one of the kindest and most forward thinking people I have met, a lovely Princess who showed me a whole new world and an understanding that people are just people and all share similar struggles.  I have also worked with  a few celebrities in the UK, CEO’s, Stay at Home Mom’s, Entrepreneurs and Presenters.  I have written for top British health magazines such as Health & Fitness and BodyFit.

Most who know me will associate kettlebells with me simply because I think they rock! I have my International Kettlebell Fitness Federation certificate, certified by Ken Blackburn and Steve Cotter.  I do not believe in training only with kettelbells, I simply love them. I believe that quality of movement must be the foundation of all you do.  I also work a lot with body weight, olympic rings, battle ropes and nature.  I was interview by Dr. Kryin Hall on Skye Active about the effets of kettelbells and fat loss, have a little peak HERE

I am also a trained  Sports Massage Therapist although I no longer massage as moving to Canada the qualifications did not transfer and I did not love it enough to become re-qualified. Massage however gave me an amazing understanding of how the body works, this has enriched my experience of teaching people how to train with correct technique and understand how their bodies move.

As well as training my other passion is speaking. I have had the opportunity to speak in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Spain on health, prevention of disease, wellbeing and longevity.

I love helping people as much as possible whether it is through one to one training, my paid programs and also for free.  I have a lovely facebook closed group where people can ask questions, share their experience, help each other and just say hello. Come join me HERE I check in as often as possible.

Enjoy my blog and I hope something I write may profoundly help you. My advice however is do not take anything I write as the ultimate answer. In the end health is individual. Take what makes sense to you and the rest use it as a stepping stone to learning more from other people, great sites, research, etc.  Get to know who you are and what works for you.

Your friend in health,

Rosa 🙂

Ps I’m not a natural writer, I write fast and in the way I speak, you may even hear my voice…lol What this means is that you will find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc… I hate editing.  Oh yes and I use to be a school teacher, ha my poor students 🙂



  • Premier Global – Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage
  • Kinetic Chain Assessment  – Posture and movement analysis
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor – International Kettlebell Fitness Federation
  • Equilibria Health – Bioyping (Nutritional assessment)
  • Kick Fitness – Thai Boxing Fitness Instructor
  • Optimal Life Fitness – Kettlebell Instructor
  • Optimal Life Fitness – Boxing for fitness instructors
  • Completed 3 marathons (Amsterdam, Berlin, London)



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