Be The Hero – Bouncing Back

Photo Credit: Lucas Rubix

We all go through tough times. I was one of those people who really to be honest didn’t think it would happen to me. I mean apart from losses and things out of our control. I always had a good idea of where my life was headed until my move back to Vancouver, where my life was turned upside down for almost 4 years.

Since then it’s been a time of learning, rebuilding and getting in touch with what I’m put on this earth to do.  I’ve bounced back stronger than ever. A year ago I wouldn’t have thought that would be possible.

If you’ve had struggles or are there at the moment I hope my story will help you. This week I share my story on my absolute favourite podcast! Be The Hero with Lucas Rubix.

You can watch our episode here on iTunes or below on YouTube.  Either way I highly recommend subscribing to future Be The Hero Podcasts.

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