Change Your Life In 5 Seconds

Ok I have to be honest when I first heard of this book I thought it was ridiculous. I thought how can someone even write an entire book based on the principle of the ‘5 second rule’. That was until I listened to Mel Robbins on a YouTube video..I was hooked!

She especially spoke to me when she described her mornings and hitting the snooze button. Such a small behaviour and yet when she looked at it, it was profoundly impacting her life and not in a positive way.  You see this made sense to me because of another book I always rave about called .The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. The idea is that small steps over time either lead you to success or failure. Mel’s book for me was what was needed in order for the Compound Effect to work. You’ve got to first get yourself in to action but how do you do this if you can’t hit the start button?

Mels’ book is a game changer. Before you rush out and buy it have a look at her video explaining the science behind it.

Order your book today. It’s a game changer. If it’s taking you longer than 5 seconds to do it, you likely won’t.

Let’s get in to action!

Have a fabulous day. Go out and build the life you deserve and love!


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