How I said no to my favourite food on earth!

Photo credit: Terra Breads
Photo credit: Terra Breads

So this weekend my husband and I made plans with friends to have dinner at the beach. One of my favourite things.  Recently I’ve started my primal diet reset. I’m going strict of 30 days…no relaxed meals or days (which I do believe in).

My husband is super supportive and mostly follows the primal diet as well so it’s generally easy for me to be strict.  This weekend however as we were having  a meal with friends he decided to bring some ‘non primal’ items, one being my favourite thing on earth ‘bread’! Not only my favourite but this one was the olive bread from Terra Breads, it’s a winner.

As you can see from the title I didn’t have any but how did I resist? Here’s the thing. I made a real commitment to these 30 days as I need to shed some weight, boost my immune system and simply feel energetic again. Something I haven’t felt for a little while (the reason is a whole other story).  The primal diet is an incredible blue print for becoming a fat burring machine as well as simply feeling amazing and super healthy.

This decision was simple because:

  1. I’ve made a commitment to myself. I want my results way more than a moment of having one of my favourite foods.
  2. I focussed on the occasion of spending time with friends rather than the food
  3. I reflected on how good I’d feel afterwards knowing I’d stayed committed to the promise I made myself
  4. I know it’s not forever.

For me the primal diet is the best blueprint out there but I don’t believe in being militant about things. Once I’ve completed my 30 days I will continue with primal eating 95% of the time. This means 1-2 items of a meal a week that aren’t primal…if I feel like it.

The thing is you’ve got to be super strict to get your body in to a place where it is working efficiently. Once you’re there you can relax slightly, however if you keep relaxing before getting there you don’t give your body the chance to fully heal and become that fat burning machine.

If you’ve considered the primal diet but aren’t sure how it works or the specifics drop me a message in our facebook group or below on this site.

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ps If you love bread but are strictly primal have here’s my primal diet bread recipe