It’s Official

Primal Health CoachIt’s official, I’ve achieved my dream of transitioning from personal training to a full fledged Primal Health Coach. For so long I have felt something was missing for me. I fell in love with personal training and then a few years in to it I had this strong feeling it was just the way in to something else for me. I wasn’t so in love with teaching people to exercise the way I thought I should be..(apart from being obsessed with kettlebells..still am…lol). I found I lit up when I was talking to my clients about nutrition, about their life, about being happy, about reducing stress, living in the moment and mostly living the path they envisioned for themselves.
I also knew that the truth to weight loss and health was not in the exercise…at least not to the degree that our society has put on it. I see people working out so hard and with so little results or worse, creating more damage to themselves. Don’t get me wrong I’m a huge advocate of daily exercise and movement, what I’m saying is the way we are going about it and the way magazines and media have portrayed it is not helping most.

I live to help people flourish. I know my strength is seeing greatness in people before they ever see it in themselves. I know I can take them to places they don’t even know is possible for them. They can achieve incredible health, incredible happiness, a way of thinking that brings joy and grounding in this crazy busy world.
Why Primal coaching? They are principles I have lived by for the last 8 years with remarkable results and was how I was raised; although we didn’t have a name for it. My mom from a small village in Portugal was simply raised with similar principles and in turn raised us with them. She didn’t do it because it was cool, it’s what she knew. When I started learning and investigating primal living, non of it surprised me…except maybe the no bread part…my mom loves her It was however different bread she ate in her village to what we are eating now. She had a mill in her village. ..enough said.
It really is about going back to basics and yet for some reason this simple way of nourishing our bodies, moving our bodies, focussing on our social circles, contributing to the lives of others …has some how become either forgotten or made complicated. It’s time to bring simplicity back to this modern world. I’m not saying get rid of all the amazing things modern life has brought us, I’m saying we can enjoy them and still hold to principles that have served us well since ancestral times. Combing and embracing the greatness of both: modern and ancestral principles to live an abundant, energetic and fulfilled life.

The truth is I’ve been training my clients in this method for so long. When I started there was no course on it. I simply immersed my self in all I could to learn more about the primal diet and principles behind lifestyle factors and exercise. I had considered Health coaching as an option for quite some time however I didn’t want to be trained in a method I couldn’t stand by.  It really was a vision come true when Mark Sisson of the Primal Diet created this course.

What this means for you? It means I can start writing about so many more topics I love, not simply exercise and recipes. It means I can bring you more value and feel like it fits with this site of health is more than food and exercise, it’s our mindset, our environment, how we speak to ourselves, how others influence us…and so much more.

Stay tuned for videos, interviews with other professionals and for those needing more specialized one to one or group support that’s all in the making.

Thank you for your continued support. If there’s anything I can do for you or something you would like me to write about please do not be shy, write in the comments below.

Rock Your Health

Rosa. xx