It’s That Time Of Year ( Dec )

untitled-design-2Well here we are December 2016! For some it's an exciting time of year for others not so much.

If this is a stressful month for you because of shopping, fearing putting on weight or being committed to parties you don't want to go to but feel obliged to, I'm here to give you permission to let go of those stresses...or at least one to start.

I'm serious. Decided to let go of one of those things:

1) Don't go to the party if you're dreading it, doing things out of obligation are soul destroying. Ok possibly you don't feel you can get out of them all but get out of just one.

2) Take some people off your shopping list. You know those people you rarely see but for whatever reason you created this habit or pattern of buying for them. Often they're family and close friends. Either just don't do it or chat with them and say to them this year you would rather not exchange gifts.

3) Don't stress about the weight gain. Control what you can, enjoy what you love and know that the extra 5 pounds will come off soon after the holidays.

So why am I saying all of this and what does this have to do with health? Everything! Stress is a huge component of health and this time of year feels extra stressful because of the things I mentioned above.

You've got this. It's for sure not going to be easy but here's what I started telling myself that helped: by spring no one remembers! haha it's so true! Even those you bought gifts for don't remember. This year make it about you, make it about enjoying the moments, the dinners with people you love and want to spend time with.

I'm no scrooge but before I started focussing on what the holidays are truly about I use to dread them. Now I love them. I go home to my family in Northern Canada, very few material gifts are exchanged and we have the best time. We go snow shoeing, we spend time around the table drinking our Portuguese Port and we relish in the traditions that only come up at this time.

You've got this my friends, I want you to fully enjoy this time of year.

Rosa. x

ps. If you actually love it be aware of those who struggle a bit more and share with them this message.

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