Welcome to Rocofit. I’m Rosa Coelho, health coach, personal trainer & lifestyle entrepreneur. There’s nothing I love more than coaching, inspiring, motivating and helping people to live healthy, happy and abundant lives. This site is not perfect. It’s created by me and came from a vision to help people become the best version of themselves..regardless if they could afford a trainer.

Health isn’t about being perfect and following black and white rules. It’s about doing the small things that over time make a massive impact.  It’s about eating real food, moving our bodies, focusing on gratitude, our connections with others and kindness.


If you live in Vancouver Canada or passing through and have always wanted to learn how to safely use Kettlebells so you can workout on your own then my workshop for beginners is perfect for you. You’ll also receive a handout with the basic exercises to take home with you.


The simplest way to ensure you’re eating healthy is to make it yourself.  I’m not a fan of cooking but I do understand the value of it. All my recipes are super simple and clean. If I can do it you for sure can do it.  Many of my recipes follow the paleo/primal way of eating. All are wheat free and gluten free.


Join one of my favourite workout routines. All my workouts can be done at home, at the gym or at a park. You’ll find body weight only and kettelbell workouts. All workouts are free for you! If you’re looking for something more structured and progressive have a look at my  12 week online program

I’m for sure a multi passionate person. For so long I’ve struggled with the idea of only focussing on one thing. I finally realized all the common thread is ultimately about helping others and our environment. I’m happiest watching people become stronger, fitter healthier and happier than they even thought possible.

What I am currently obsessed with:

My Tower Garden. An aeroponic gardening system that allows us to grow our own veggies in a small urban space.

The Rocofit100 Challenge group that is seeing people around the world exercise for 15 minutes for 100 days straight

My lifestyle business and working with my team members who are inspiring others to live healthy happy lives. This business is allowing our team of stay at home moms, trainers and other professionals to live life by design by creating an income online  allowing them flexibility and financial stability. If starting a home based business that is focussed on health is something that interests you, drop me a message and let’s chat contact@rocofit.com


What do you struggle with most? Is it healthy eating, motivation, bored of your workouts? Use the tabs at the top of the page to find recipes and workouts. For motivation or advice go to the blog.  If you’re looking for something more specific use the search bar. Sign up above or below so you never miss a post. I message about once a week.

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Let me start with, these have evolved over time and continue to evolve. Staying the same for the sake of worrying what others think as you evolve  is suffocating to me. All I can share with you is my current truths and believes.

NUTRITION: I believe in eating a plant based focussed diet, eating clean and quality meats, not counting calories and focussing on colour more than anything. I use to follow a strict primal/paleo diet and still coach this method as it’s an incredible place to start. This way of eating brings amazing results, it allows you to get to understand your body and most importantly clear and strict rules which I believe at the beginning of your journey is key to success.  I follow very close to the primal diet but do eat a few food items that are not considered primal. This is after truly getting to know my body and knowing what I digest well and what gives me energy.

MOVEMENT: I believe in regular strength training. I’m not talking needing to squat insane weights, I’m talking body weight and challenging yourself consistently. I also am a big advocate of walking for long distances and as often as possible. Finally one of my favourite workouts is  short and sweet interval training. A blend of these principles is what I implement in to my weekly routine.

MENTAL FITNESS: This really is the key to success. I practise a morning routine called the Miracle Morning. Check it out the book by Hal Elrdod. I also am a big fan of daily mantras and practising gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal changed my life when I first started keeping one 15 years ago. Gratitude is powerful. I also listen to something every day that will better me in some way, whether it’s a TED Talk, YouTube video or Podcast.  Growing is Living. When we aren’t growing we become bored and everything feels hard.

Thank you for taking time with me. Remember to stay connected by entering your name and email below and reach out any time.