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Learn skills, tools and strategies to last you a lifetime.

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What makes Rosa an expert?

Rosa Coelho has recently returned home to Vancouver from London UK after 11 years. Rosa was one of the UK’s top female personal trainers, appearing on TV for kettlebells and fat loss and writing for several popular Health & Fitness magazines. Rosa has trained a wide range of people: Saudi Royalty, British Celebrities, Models, Stay at Home Mom’s, Business Executives and Entrepreneurs. She has been successful as her approach regardless of who you are is based on education and health. Training with Rosa isn’t just about going through the motions, it’s about learning skills that will keep you fit, strong and healthy not just in your time with her but for life.

Rosa has taught people who couldn’t do one push up, to doing things they never thought possible. She will do the same for you so long as you are completely committed.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”


Health Coaching & Training Packages


Implement Primal Diet way of eating.

30 Day workout plan (movement most days).

1 Coaching call a week with Rosa for a total of 4 calls. 30minutes each call

With Rosa you will create a plan that will ensure long term success. This program is perfect for those who feel they simply need a Jump Start and will be able to continue on their own once they have their base strong.

12 WEEK LIFESTYLE PLAN – This is for those who are ready to for a true lifestyle change. The longer term commitment means you will work with Rosa through the tougher periods when the excitement of getting started has gone.  She will support you to implement strategies and develop the mindset and understanding it takes to make this about being fit, strong and healthy for life.

PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS –  Rosa no longer trains clients regularly as her health coaching takes up most of her time however she does accept clients who would like to learn the basics of strength training so they can feel confident in their technique in their own time.  Technique and choosing the right weight for you can make all the difference to achieving remarkable results.

JUMP START QUICK WEIGHT LOSS  For those who are completely overwhelmed and are looking for quick results that will transition in to long term results. This is for people who are frustrated and the idea of even making healthy meals and making the right choices is simply too much. This program includes taking a vegan shake (not primal however it is gluten free and vegan) for breakfast and another for lunch or dinner with a large salad and having one main meal. This is not about calorie restriction and you will not be hungry on this plan. It simply makes things simple for you long enough to allow you to feel results and create the energy and mindset you need to transition to a longer term approach. 

KETTLEBELL SKILLS: Rosa is an expert Kettlebell Trainer, she is certified with the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation. Book a one and half hour session to learn how to use kettlebells or improve your skills.

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Rosa’s protocols include following a primal diet, lifestyle factors, skill development and self improvement.

Nutrition Protocols

  • Eat to increase energy
  • Best foods for fat loss Time saving healthy meals
  • Stop counting calories
  • Natural clean eating protocols
  • Simple to follow meal plans

Weight Loss Knowledge

  • How to eat to lose weight quickly and naturally
  • Increase nutrients to aid in natural detoxing
  • Effective, safe, metabolism boosting exercises – no more running!

Personal Training Workouts

  • Workout effectively for strength, toning and weight loss
  • Improve your quality of movement
  • Increase flexibility
  • Skills based exercises to keep you motivated
  • Walk tall and confidently with great posture

Lifestyle Coaching

  • Simple practical changes to increase energy
  • Number one factor to reduce belly fat
  • Feel your best – No more guilt

CONTACT ROSA | (604) 771-8203 |



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