So many wonderful things to help us get healthy and stay healthy! These are some of my faves that I personally use on a daily basis. If you order from this website it will cost you the same as anywhere else only you will for sure be supporting me as I get a wee little commission, every bit helps when it comes to keep this blog up. Thank you in advance for trusting in my choices of these remarkable products and joining me in using them in our health journey. Any questions simply drop me a line at Be sure to title the subject with the product you are referring to.


GYM BOSS – I know we have fancy smart phones these days but I still prefer this little timer! No worries about ruining it, you attach it to your workout gear and go for it.  Check out one of my workouts HERE where I use the gym boss.










TOWER GARDEN – Unlike my amazing mom I do not have a green thumb. The TG makes everyone feel like they’re an expert. Best of all it’s remarkable for the environment. Uses 10% of water, grows 30% faster, grow vertically, no soil,  Watch the magic of tower gardening HERE










JUICE PLUS CONCENTRATES (fruits, veggies, berries and complete vegan smoothies) – I’m not a fan of synthetic vitamins. They have their place but too many people take them blindly and self medicate creating imbalances that may lead to other problems. This is the only nutraceutical I take and trust. With 30+ published studies in medical journals it’s the best in the world and made purely of food.  I have personally taken Juice Plus for 7 years. My results have been my hair stopped falling out in chunks, my problems with acne disappeared, I recover faster from workouts and my digestions rocks now. No false promises here, it’s simply my experience. Watch HERE for a little more magic. If you love science or are a medic you’ll love this video interview with Dr. Tulzer, he was the first surgeon to perform open heart surgery on a fetus and loves JP – watch him HERE












SQUATTY POTTY – Ha I know it makes us laugh but when we think about it, it really does make sense. Toilets do not put us in a natural position to completely rid our body of waste.  Let’s have a giggle but lets also take digestion seriously. Watch this video HERE as to how toilet posture effects our health.










WORKOUT WITH ME – This is my 12 week online program. It’s the next best thing to having me one to one. I have shared everything I can to get you results while working out at home.  I have videos for you and email reminders to keep up and stay focussed. Also join us in our facebook group HERE so you can ask questions as you go along. You’re never alone, everyone needs support and I’m here for you.




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