The Secret To Never Giving Up Again

RosaThe secret to never giving up again is a simple one ..not easy but simple. It all comes down to self belief. Now hang in there because I know it may sound fluffy but hear me out I’ve got a concrete game plan that will change things for you.

The reason I believe so many give up is simply because they didn’t have enough belief that they could do it, that they could reach their goal. I’m here to tell you it’s rubbish, you can do it! The key is you have to do the work. Now I know you know that but how do you actually stick to it?

Here’s how:  Set your self a 30 day game plan. Each day set your self one task. It can be anything that you need to do to achieve the bigger picture. Let’s take weight loss for example. To get there you have a few things you need to do consistently: drink more water, sleep well, eat clean, etc.

Choose just one thing for the day that will be your non negotiable:

Monday: Drink more water

Tuesday: Workout

Wednesday: Get to sleep by 10pm

Thursday: Drink water

Make sure you do whatever it is you set yourself. Do not let your self off the hook. The reason is every time you get a small win your self belief grows! It really does! You will feel simply amazing. The opposite however is true. Miss one day and you slowly start to chip away at yourself confidence. This is why so many fail, they slowly start to lose confidence and self belief. It may seem like you just missed one thing but it’s far more powerful than you’re giving it credit for.

Set yourself up for success. Imagine 30, 60, 90 days of small wins. Where would you be? What would life look like for you?

There is no magic trick, if you want something you’ve got to go for it but know that it’s small wins over time that will have the greatest and most powerful impact.

Go out and get what you deserve!

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Ps. You are stronger than you know!