This Still Makes Me Nervous

NewGymI’ve joined a new gym and I have to share with you that I still get nervous walking in to a new place to workout for the first time.  You’d think as a personal trainer and kettlebell expert that gyms would be in my comfort zone but they’re not.

They’re not for a few reasons:

First of all I always feel like I’m the only new person.

I have this fear of looking silly because I don’t know where anything is.

People in gyms simply do not make eye contact

I feel like everyone is watching me use the kettlebells because most people avoid them.

The only way to over come this fear is to simply be in the space.  My plan of action on day one is to not worry so much about my workout routine. I for sure workout but I use the time simply to take everything in. I walk around, take deep breaths, do exercises I’m confident in and simply go through the process.

I find this feeling alway goes away by the magic Day 3.  By then I know where things are, the odd person starts to smile and I’ve established the zone I feel most comfortable in.

If you feel nervous walking in to a gym, just remember you’re not the only one. Even an experienced trainer can be nervous, we’re just often good at hiding it.

Don’t let it hold you back, simply take it one step at a time and know that there will be a time where it feels familiar and you won’t remember how nervous you were at the beginning.

Rock Your Health,

Rosa Coelho
Rosa Coelho






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