Transformation Tuesday

TRANSFORMATION TUESDAYTransformation Tuesday is here. Every Tuesday I will share with you a transformation story.  Many times they will be of personal clients and other times inspiring stories I find and am touched by. The reason being story is powerful! You just never know when someone’s transformation story has such an impact that it changes your own story.  These stories will go beyond weight loss. They are stories of health, of jump starting life again and of personal growth.

It may inspire you to draw a line in the sand and finally break old patterns and just go for it. If you’re already at your goal it may inspire you to pay it forward and help someone else. Whatever may happen is not in my hands. I am not attached to the outcome of the effect these stories have for they have already deeply changed the person who wrote them, I do believe however that powerful things happen when we share experiences.

This weeks Transformation Tuesday comes from a program I have been running for 3 years now. It rarely gets mentioned on as I operate it mostly on facebook and in person.  I’ve recently realised it’s just time to share with as many as possible for the transformation stories are too many to ignore and from people I often haven’t met, other than through social media. Wow I love the world we live in.

Her name is blacked out for privacy but she’s a friend I’ve known since I was 18. We lost touch for 15 years. She reached out once for help with her health and wow was I ever glad she did.Transform Tuesday

The image may be difficult to read for some. Here is what it says: 

Before I started this program, my eating habits were so poor. I have an autoimmune illness and was on various medications to combat the side effects of this. which accelerate when I’m under too much stress. I would start my day (and end my day) with a Diet Coke, and always had several in between. I am (or was) a cook from the box. Whatever was easiest and quick was what went on the table. Since Starting I have been taken off 75% medications, have ditched the diet coke and caffeine all together…no cravings except for good food. I now take pride in what I put into my mouth and on the table. My mindset is so different…have lost almost 4 inches off my waist and in less than 4 weeks. I feel strong in the choices I make about food. This has changed my life, exercise does not scare me anymore, I feel I can accomplish the physical goals I have set for myself…thank you Rosa, and thank you Juice Plus!!! 🙂




Rosa Coelho






I teach you how to kick the dieting mentality and achieve remarkable health transformations through simple nutrition, training and lifestyle principles


Ps. For details on this program please email me at It all happens in my private facebook support group.

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