Unsupportive Family & Friends

what-to-do-if-friends-family-are-jeopardsingFamily and friends have more power than we often care to admit. Often they jeopardize our goals with out even realizing it.

I recently spoke with someone I’m close to about how the feel they just can’t say no to their friends. They feel simply feel bad and worry what they’ll think about them.

Heck I so hear you on this one. I’ve been there too. There does however come a point where we need to decide what we want most.

In this video I talk about the the biggest thing you will miss out on if you continue to let them jeopardize your health, as well as what you can do. ¬†Remember they likely don’t even realize they’re doing.

You deserve to achieve all you desire! Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, it allows you to give more and in doing so you will likely inspire someone else.

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